The Addams Family

Date 18th November 2016
Society South Moor Musical Theatre Group
Venue Alun Armstrong Theatre, Civic Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Joan Oldfield
Musical Director John Hudson
Choreographer Joan Oldfield


Author: Michelle Coulson

The Addams Family musical is based on the very popular 1960s sitcom and features the main family members plus a few new additions and tells the story of how the now teenage Wednesday Addams is torn between the love of her family and a the love of a boy from a more conventional family.

The opening tableau of the family behind the large gates surrounded by tombstones was striking and each character was instantly recognisable, we even had the addition of cousin “It” (played by Kristian Stokoe). The costumes throughout were excellent with an interesting mix of historical fashions adorning the various ancestors of the Addams family as they emerged from their crypt. The lighting also supported the mood of the piece.

The chorus gave fine support throughout the production with good singing and movement. Glen Martin gave a credible performance as the intimidating, half dead butler Lurch and Valerie Barnes was hilarious as the eccentric Grandma Addams. Harry Hudson gave a super portrayal of the mischievous, torture loving young Pugsley; his singing, American accent and acting were all very good.  Helen McKenry as the crossbow wielding Wednesday gave a superb vocal performance and maintained her melancholy personality very well; she was well supported by Lee Brannigan as Lucas her secret fiancé, their scenes were well done.

Ian Mordue and Gillian Wilde as Mal and Alice Beineke were well cast and gave good portrayals of an outwardly normal couple with their own eccentricities. The end of act 1 where Alice is accidently drugged and gives “full disclosure” was particularly good.

Of all the crazy Addams’ uncle Fester has to be the most loveable and Andrew Howe perfectly portrayed this peculiar family member, his rendition of “The Moon and Me” being a stand out moment in the production.

Nick Goddard and Lindsay Kellegher as Gomez and Mortica Addams were excellent. They were strong central characters and a played a believable couple with a super rapport.

The orchestra were excellent and together with the cast and support team presented a very enjoyable production. Congratulations to Joan, John and the entire company.