Date 30th October 2015
Society Christchurch Music Society - Newport
Director MATT McCABE
Musical Director ELLEN ROUTLEY


Author: Sharon Davies

I had not seen this musical before and was unsure what to expect. The audience had been invited to dress up and a large number of children had made a great effort, this added greatly to the atmosphere.

All the principles were very well cast; David Middleton was the suave Gomez with Kate Summers (a great voice) as the sultry Morticia, both talented performers and a great pairing. Wednesday (Leanne Clark) and Pugsley (Ben Middleton) played the ghoulish siblings and the torture scene was a treat.

A manic Fester (Chris Powell) in love with the moon, You always get a good performance from Chris.

The Beinke family, Lucas (Pete Routley), Mal ( Bryn Middleton) and Alice(Jan Parfitt) were the “normal” family that came into the Addams lives and all displayed good comedy timing but the scene stealer was when Alice (the mother) took the potion in the “Full Disclosure” scene, which was a great end to act one.

Grandma (Angela Everett), Lurch ( Rhys Bebb ) completed the line up and gave good performances, of their roles and they were convincing in them.

The movement/choreography, which is always difficult with the large chorus and the small stage, was very good; in fact on the whole I think that this is one of the best shows I personally have seen from this society. Very well done to all members both on stage and off

Thank you for the kind invitation, and I hope to see you again