Ten Times Two

Date 28th July 2017
Society Washington Theatre Group
Venue Washington Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Danny Stones


Author: Foster Johnson

Washington Theatre Group are never afraid to tackle the avant  garde side of theatrical productions and are extremely well versed in presenting  unique one off pieces. I was not surprised therefore to see their excellent interpretation of David Belke’s play Ten Times Two (The Eternal Courtship).

Set over six hundred years it tells the story of Ephraim, who is immortal, and whose lifetime transcends the centuries whilst in pursuit of Constance (The Eternal Courtship) and the impact it has  on major events of history.  He is assisted and sometimes hindered in his pursuit by an “ethereal”  being known as “The Host” who acts amongst many things as his guide, conscience, mentor  and link to other worlds.

It was a challenge for Director Danny Stones and the multi talented cast of three to bring this play to life, but with minimal staging and excellent costumes, sound effects and  lighting  he ensured  a fine show  and that the essence of the plot was transmitted to the audience.

However no matter how good the play or directing ability this may not have worked  if the  cast with the many levels of characterisation acting required to deliver it were not up to it. Fortunately  Washington Theatre Group  possess such acting talent a-plenty.

John Seymour took the role of Ephraim and played the rakish if somewhat fragile and lovelorn time traveller  to perfection displaying all the traits of someone fighting his demons between the choices of immortality or losing it for his love of Constance.

Constance was played by the immensely gifted and talented character actor Catriona Brannigan–Uren.  Playing  ten roles (Constance in various guises over the centuries)  with ten different accents  and throwing  some singing and movement into the mix must have placed a tremendous strain and workload on her  but on the night of my visit she was faultless .

Finally we had Sarah Seymour as the Host and she undertook this pivotal link role superbly well her excellent characterisation overseeing the events with just enough brooding presence but coupled with a display of concern for the well being of Ephraim and Constance.