Sweet Charity

Date 3rd April 2017
Society Maidstone Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Hazlett Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Tony Cassidy
Musical Director John Mills
Choreographer Heather Worrall


Author: Gordon Harris

Firstly thank you MAODS for such a touching tribute to the late Ken Trafford who died earlier this month. Ken was a member of MOADS for many years.It's a pity Ken did not get to see MOADS recent production of Sweet Charity he would have enjoyed it, as I did.

This Sweet Charity was in the very capable hands of Tony Cassidy as director. Heather Cheeseman took the lead (Charity Hope Valentine) under her wing and gave us a seamless performance, from beginning to end. Helene and Nicky (Julie Argent and Lili Westlake) Charity's sidekicks, gave us solid performances, all three ladies Nicky, Helen and Charity shone in ’There’s gotta be something better than this’ and with all the ladies in 'Big Spender', it gave us a dance hall atmosphere they should be proud of.

Costumes throughout by Heather Worrall were in period as was her choreography, keeping some of the iconic moves created by Bob Fosse (Rich Man’s Frug) in the original production, which I saw in the West End in 1967.

The male leads, Oscar a young David Amos, Vittorio (David Rowe), Herman (John Roberts) and Daddy Brubeck (Simon Patient) gave us sterling acting and singing performances. Ursula (Emma Edwards) with Vittorio gave us a high standard of comedy in their bed scene. The rest of the ensemble's musical numbers were vocally solid, with many of them playing double ups.

As always the orchestra conducted by John Mills was a credit to him, John's musical talents in taking a difficult score and directing the actors and orchestra to musical heights.

Tony Cassidy's direction of this the iconic musical Sweet Charity was well thought through, with Tony’s usual flare and craftsmanship for directing large casts and bringing us a very satisfying evening's entertainment. I liked the back projection and I felt this should have been used more as some scenes were slow in changing. But this was the first night and I'm sure they were ironed out later in the week's run.

All in all, this production of Sweet Charity was a credit  to MOADS.