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5th December 2014


Codsall Dramatic Society


Codsall Village Hall

Type of Production



Ann Escritt assisted by Phil Harper


Author: Michael Hastilow on behalf of Alf Rai

For a number of years Codsall Dramatic Society have been  writing their children’s plays, Sleeping Beauty falls into this category , Pam Allan and friends started the tradition, this years adaptation being headed  by Phil Harper.

Village Halls are not necessarily the easiest places to stage any form of theatre, for this production the audience sat on 4 sides of the acting area, there was no scenery but a fantastic floor which, with intelligent lighting and a smoke machine, provided all the atmosphere necessary.

Kay Jinks and Deanne Macefield, as narrators, introduced the characters   to us and so the story was revealed  , first we met two delightfully playful fairies, Sunshine, Sammi Rhead and Starlight, Laura Weeks followed by  the King, Chris Fairhurst with his Queen, Brigid O’Connor. One impressive Town Cryer, Dan Harper and his page companion, Tom Smith. We met the palace handymen, Bob, Philip Harper and his son, Bobby, Tom Churm and finally the evil fairy Blackstorm , Nikki Ellis, complete with her pet Bat, Sam Strong arrived on the scene.

The story progressed according to the well-known and traditional story line The King was Kingly and his Queen suitably Regal. We were treated to a clever routine by Bob and Bobby, it is not easy to paper a room without a wall! The ensuing mayhem of paste was enjoyed by the audience.

The Princess Auran , Harriott King, was an appropriately beautiful young princess until whilst playing hide and seek with the fairy godmothers she stumbles upon the evil fairy Blackstorm and pricks her finger.

A hundred years later, Prince Florian, James Cadley with his trusted valet Bobby , yes Bobby missed the great sleep and is now a third generation Bobby, find their way into the palace and after the usual skirmishes and conversion of the evil Blackstorm, the Prince meets his princess and all ends happily ever after.

It would be hard to single out any single performance, The company was well balanced and the resulting show a pleasure to see, a sound introduction to theatre for the largely young audience present. An enjoyable and creditable presentation much enjoyed by audience and company alike.

Well done to all, long may Codsall Dramatic Society continue.