Sleeping Beauty

Date 22nd November 2018
Society Aldridge Musical Comedy Society
Venue Great Wyrley High School
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Antony Britt
Musical Director Mark Bayliss
Choreographer Sarah Beckett


Author: Paul Douglass

This home grown pantomime was written and directed by Antony Britt who also performed in the show as Fauna, one of the good witches. 

We are welcomed into the kingdom as Edsheeran ruled by King Stefan and his wife Omnipotent.  The evil witch Maleficent places a curse on the young Princess Aurora on her sixth birthday, when she is eighteen she will prick her finger and fall into a never ending sleep.  So the princess is taken away to live under a different name, Rose, by three good witches.  Time passes and the Princess is returned to the palace to marry her prince. But will Prince Phillip marry her, if he can be found.  What has Maleficent done with him?  What has happened to everyone else, why are they so sleepy. You will have to see the panto to find out more.

The role of the adult Rose / Aurora was played by Alex Banks, who had a wonderful singing voice as did Chris Britt as Prince Phillip.  Evil witch Maleficent was played by Chante Williamson who got all the boos a baddy deserves.  Playing her henchmen were Sean Westwood as Edgar and Richard Beckett as Extraneous, who worked really well together and were outstanding in their roles.  The roles of the three witches who look after Rose were Nicola Critchley. Antony Britt and Emma Nicholls.  Even with the sound problems they battled through and got the show on track.  Good support came from William Bosworth as King Stefan, Sarah Hinkley as Omnipotent, Rachael Moore as Nova and Claire Oatley as Nebula. 

The Chorus sounded good under the direction of musical director Mark Bayliss with good choreography from Sarah Beckett. 

 The cast suffered during the first half of the production due to the quality of the sound.  It did not help them that the sound technician’s only had half an hour to set things up, due to the fact that the company could not get into the venue.   But, in true AMCS style the cast carried on and still gave a rousing performance.