Sleeping Beauty

Date 29th November 2013
Society Ponteland Repertory Society
Venue Memorial Hall, Ponteland
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Carole Davies
Musical Director Warren Smith
Choreographer Corina Callan


Author: Jim Graham

I was delighted to stand in for Mike Avery to visit this Society – premiering a new version of this popular pantomime. The new script was written by panto expert Simon Sladen who came and assisted Director Carole to present the show on stage.

This production was a traditional pantomime, picking up the story when Princess Aurora (Hannah Elliot) is about to celebrate her 18th birthday.  Fairy Flutter (Lucy Walton) charmingly introduces us to the story, at the same time reminding us of the curse placed upon the Princess by the wicked witch Carabosse (Isabel Wind).

Fairy Flutter and Carabosse were very nicely juxtaposed to give us the all important good and evil.  Fairy Flutter was a delicate pretty fairy with Carabosse giving an excellent interpretation of the badness expected from the witch.  Hannah Elliot, being no stranger to the stage, gave an admirable interpretation of a young girl about to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, expecting a very special visit from Prince Percival of Ponteland (Adam Thompson).  Percival was a handsome and dashing Prince who soon won over Princess Aurora.  I did enjoy their singing of “Everything”.

Comedy was provided by Jo Jo Jangles the Jester (Jonny Woollett) and Nanny Knickerbocker, the Dame (Stephen Stokoe).  They both gave good performances, keeping the audience amused and responding with the usual pantomime retorts.  Their cooking scene was well staged, as well as their Jungle Rock song “Bare Necessities” when they were joined by King Crumpet (Jason Long) and the bear (Alexandra Elliot Smith) dressed in a very splendid bear costume.

The supporting cast both adults and children were well-rehearsed and costumed and contributed greatly to the production.  Music was provided via multi-talented duo in the pit – quiet and calm but accompanying the cast clearly, but not obtrusively.  Sound and lighting with costumes by Lynne Henderson and “In Disguise” complemented an excellent production.  Well Done.