Sleep No More

Date 21st July 2017
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Melody Harbour



RaTs this time breaking away from the normality of elaborate sets, Melody Harbour captured an old, abandoned theatre well with a bare stage and minimal lighting. This made an excellent setting for ‘Sleep No More’. Intricate lighting used in the supernatural scenes and the repeated use of voice-overs added to the theme of the supernatural and the dangers of playing with the devil. The clever use of music, used frequently all through, as the paranormal activities were performed on stage, represented the ghost becoming more and more involved in the other characters' lives. It was very refreshing to see the modern techniques being utilised in what is perceived to be a more ‘traditional’ theatre.

This production of ‘Sleep No More’ had some solid and strong performances a Darling of a performance from Josh Web as the very camp Director, teamed with Jo Godman and Benjamin Gilllies as Jenny and Pete who bounced of each other perfectly. A dizzy, dopey maid (Sal) showed us how not to act, and did it perfectly, a part like that is not easy to carry off, but she did it, well done Faye Wyatt. Dad William played by Terry Pilcher gave us maturity. Juniors Ben and Eva (Nikita Mullings  and Jordan Mullings) were charming in their respective parts.

This Solid cast did Melody Harbour proud in only 5 weeks' rehearsal, I was told as I left the Theatre.!!!..Once again RaTs you gave your audience a great evenings' entertainment.