Sister Act

Date 22nd February 2018
Society The Burton Musical Theatre Company
Venue De Ferrers Academy
Type of Production Musical
Director Steven Foster
Musical Director David Blackwell
Choreographer Catherine Moore


Author: Alan Bruce

Based on the hit film of the same name, this is a big, vibrant spectacular show.

Samantha Walker absolutely shone as Deloris, a real sassy lady, played just right, great vocals. A fish out of water gangsters moll thrust into another world in the form of a convent, a fine, restrained never over the top performance, as could easily be the case with this role.

Sharon Plummer also gave us an absolutely sublime Mother Superior, her humorous dialogue faithfully asking just what is the plan God has for her church, whilst trying to control the force of nature called Deloris. Fabulous performance, she was the perfect foil for Deloris. Beautifully observed vocal performances. Both roles were very well cast.

Jo Cresswell as Sister Mary Patrick, Christina Bailey as Sister Mary Robert, the young, gauche postulate, captivated by the persona of the worldly Deloris, together with Catherine Straw, the boisterous friendly Sister Mary Lazarus all came across well, lovely voices.

Gangster Curtis Jackson, Andrew Hambleton, together with his gang were convincingly menacing and humorous, helped to bring a real threat to the proceedings. I loved their vocal performances and dance routines as well.

Beautiful emotively sung vocal work from Delores's love lorn ex-school chum cop Eddie, played by Jonny Salt. Great comic timings from Lee Smith as the stage struck Monsignor O'Hara.

Director Steven Foster's production team used all of the strengths of the cast to great effect. The whole cast were really strong, good stage craft, excellent voices, collectively they brought us a brilliant show.

Musical Director David Blackwell a fantastic job. Superlative musicianship, great harmonies and lead vocals throughout, obviously very well rehearsed. The music and songs had a real feel of the 70s disco period, and that oh so authentic and distinctive Philadelphia sound.

Exemplary sound, one of the best balanced mixes I've heard. There was the odd late mic fade-in, that said, with so many radio mics, (approximately twenty four I think), this was very, very impressive. Lighting, was very effective especially the church scenes, a missing lead spotlight I'm sure was a very minor one off. Costumes were absolutely spot on.

A very enjoyable and professional production.