Singing in the Rain

Date 1st September 2012
Society Glasgow Light Opera Club
Venue Kings Theatre Glasgow
Type of Production Musical
Director Karen Herbison
Musical Director David Dunlop
Choreographer Catherine Dunn


Author: T.Davies Brock

Joan and I were once again delighted to be guests of Club President Janet A Robertson and the members of GLOC to see the Club’s annual show and I was delighted to deputise for Ian Gray, Regional Representative for District 1 and Vice President of the Club, in the submission of a brief report on the show for inclusion in NODA Scotland’s November issue of Show Reviews. The title to this show really says it all – one of the best known song titles in the world of musicals. Brendan Lynch in his fourth appearance as a principal with the Club was cast as the handsome Don Lockwood opposite Suzanne Shanks as the rather dumb blonde Lina Lamont, both stars of the silent movies in the late nineteen twenties. But things are changing and R F Simpson (Bill Craig) head of Monumental Pictures is well aware that “sound” is the thing and Lina is an actress to be seen and not heard! A Vocal Coach (played by Sandra Craig) is employed and she has success with Don and Don’s friend Cosmo Brown (Aaron Mooney) in the hilarious number “Moses Supposes”. But she can make nothing of Lina who massacres all attempts at elocution. The situation is rescued by the budding stage actress Kathy Selden (played by Lorna Cook) whose voice is dubbed as Lina’s in the new talkie, The Duelling Cavalier. And as everyone at the studios can see the unfairness to Kathy that leads to the hilarious scene depicting the end of Lina’s movie career. The show has its niceties to challenge the technical crew, such as the black and white projected movies and the rain scene which must be the centre-piece of the production. Much preparation is required for the former as well as the perfect timing needed to introduce the film material into the performance in the theatre without any gaps showing. All of these points were skilfully accomplished and the rain came and the end result was a fine evening’s entertainment.
T Davies Brock