Singin' In The Rain

Date 8th November 2018
Society Winchester Musicals & Opera Society
Venue Theatre Royal, Winchester
Type of Production Musical
Director Suzanne Hall
Musical Director Kathy Rockhill
Choreographer Suzanne Hall


Author: Kay Rowan

Singin’ In The Rain - this production transported the audience back in time past the 1983 adaptation of the film to 1952 when it was first created. 

This show is nothing if not a challenge to the stage crew.  They rose and truly outdid themselves with the rain scene.  The whole concept of the simple sets using material legs worked very effectively and with the cast moving scenery and drapes it all appeared so effortless.  The costumes were spot on with great attention to detail. The ‘Duelling Cavalier’ section was particularly well costumed and exceptionally well filmed. The audience were transported to yet another era..

Kathy Rockhill Musical Director and pianist did a sterling job on the night.  From beginning to end she maintained the tone of the show and no-one missed the full sound of an orchestra.  The diction from the singers was exemplary.

Wow what a superb evening!  That was one of the best performances I have seen this year.  I loved the creativity of the production, the use of cast to move scenery, the material legs, the well-judged use of the whole theatre - I could go on.  The cast were tremendous with an outstanding principal line-up.  The dancing and ensemble numbers were joyous and full of vitality.  I am loathed to pick out any individual as the whole performance was of such a high standard, A good principal line up starts with the casting, a good director who creates a balance between principals and chorus, principal and principal so that the overall effect is that of a true story.  Congratulations to Suzanne on her vision for the show, congratulations to the stage crew for bringing that vision to fruition – yes, the rain really worked!  Congratulations to the very talented cast who seem to be able to turn their hand to anything – sing, act, dance the whole gamut that is theatre.