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Robin Prince of Sherwood


16th March 2018


Heckmondwike Players


Cleckheaton Town Hall

Type of Production



Gerard Marescaux

Musical Director

Jonathan Wilb


Eleanor Peace


Author: Jacqui Hartley

This time the Society came up with something rarely performed but with a good well-loved story line.  I have not seen this show since the nineties, and I am really pleased Heckmondwike have been brave enough to perfom this "Rock Opera".  There have been many films made about Robin Hood and his merry band of men over the years, but I am really pleased Peter Howarth and Rick Fenn have turned this story into a stage show along with some execellent foot tapping music.

With a strong cast led by Robin of Loxley, (Christine Shoesmith) yes, a lady and quite acceptable, you certainly need stamina and a good voice for this role.  Maid Marion (Katie Pennant) was a perfect foil for Robin, I enjoyed her graceful dance in Robin's thoughts as he sang "I beleive In My Dreams", thinking of her.

A brilliant performance from the Sheriff of Nottingham, (Jeremy Shoesmith) his command of the stage was execellent.  Morgana, The Witch (Kirstie Turnbull) gave an impressive performance, they worked extremely  well together.

Powerful singing from King Richard, (Walter Plinge) and Little John (Martin Welsh) he had the perfect build for this character and played it well.

Alan Adale (Sheelagh Forsyth) yes, another lady playing a male role, her singing was delightful as she kept popping up throughout, on stage up in the balcony as she linked the scenes together.

The Orchestra was a little loud, I know it is a rock opera but the audience do need to be able to hear the story.

It was obvious the company thoroughly enjoyed performing this production, the presentation delightful, my congratulations.