Revolving Doors

Date 25th September 2021
Society Driffield Musical Theatre
Venue Methodist Schoolroom, Driffield
Type of Production Musical
Director Mo Kinnes
Musical Director Mo Kinnes
Choreographer Carolyne Jensen & Mo Kinnes


Author: Geoff Haywood

Who, in their right mind would want to leave the lights of London and return to Driffield? Eddie (Lee Wilson) and his wife Belle (Linda Wilson) are adamant that this is the best decision they have made in their lives. The London premises had burned down and a move back to their roots, where they had begun their theatrical management careers, seemed to be the logical move.

However, their son Charlie (Chris Robson), who has a vision of being a top London impresario, does not agree and is secretly trying to obtain another position in London.

The disagreement between parents and son continues throughout but, of course is eventually solved.

In the meantime, Eddie and Belle have hired one of their old acts to star in their show on the opening night. Is this a good solution as the group seem to be a set of “has beens”, somewhat older than that which we normally see as a pop group. Are they really past their sell by date or can they recapture the days of their youth. Unknown to his parents, Chris has recruited one of the groups who were a success in the London venture. Here they are, young attractive, full of verve, self-confidence and, for certain, they are the “wannabes” but at the same time wondering what they are doing in Driffield, particularly in a run-down cabaret salon.

The stage is set and what follows is a mixture of argument, cajoling, disagreement, compromise and harmony.

The musical numbers are put over with sincerity, pathos and enthusiasm.  The two groups combine for several numbers during the show, bringing excitement and panache to their renditions much to the delight of the audience.

The stage was well designed as befits the dowdy building and was certainly the right way to be portrayed, whilst good use was made of the auditorium floor in front of the stage. Lighting and sound were more than adequate in the hall.

The entire cast are to be commended on their efforts to put on such a good show especially after the difficulties of the last two years and I raise my hat to them.

The show was written by Carolyne Jenson and she collaborated on the choreography with producer and musical director Mo Kinnes. Their work in compiling this show has kept the Society together in these difficult times.

An excellent night’s entertainment and a superb start to what I hope will be a revival in the field of live theatre.