Private Peaceful

Date 10th November 2023
Society Pump House Theatre Company
Venue Pump House Theatre, Local Board Road, Watford
Type of Production Play
Director Stephen Smith
Written By Simon Reade adapted from book by Michael Morpurgo


Author: Carole Baynese

This play was the one man version of Private Peaceful. At the opening of the play Private Peaceful awaits the dawn when he is to be executed by firing squad for 'desertion'. While he waits he is determined to revisit and even relive the memorable times of his short life. This brilliant young actor filled the stage during his re-enactments of these reminiscences. Using various items from the main central 'dug-out' set to suggest the locations, he cleverly becomes very many characters from his past - each of them having individual personalities and mannerisms. He commences with his first day at school and the final sequences tell of his experiences with his brother at the Western Front and how he comes to be court-martialed. This impressive piece of theatre will remain with the audience for a long time.