Perfect Wedding

Date 28th April 2018
Society Compton Players
Venue Compton Village Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Tracey Pearce


Author: Chris Horton

“PERFECT Wedding” – a farcical comedy – by Robin Hawden is one of those plays that is difficult to follow but impossible not to love, if done well.  And this version was done very well.  The action takes place in the Honeymoon suite.   A man wakes up with a woman – not his fiancée - and what follows is a great formula for a fun night for the audience. The woman – the best man’s girlfriend – gets shoved in the bathroom; the chambermaid arrives and to add to another layer of confusion, she has a similar name! 

The hotel suite was excellent and very realistically created with great attention to detail, bedding, working doors and much emphasis on the toilet brush!  The bride made great use of make up and beauty products, rollers, hair net etc in her readiness for the big day. The costumes were excellent and in keeping with the Perfect Wedding including appropriate outfit for the bride’s mother, tails for the best man and wedding dress for the bride. These were of the highest quality. The lighting was effective throughout and well controlled. 

Tracey Pearce’s experience and strong direction shone through this energetic comedy. The cast bounced off each other well and there was lots of good physical comedy. All were believable and Bill (the Groom), even though he cheated, you couldn’t hep loving him as he earnestly tried to do the right thing. The cast all showed considerable comic talent in their roles were always enthusiastic and entertaining to watch from exasperated bride Rachel (Helen Saxton) to Naomi Read as the chambermaid who seemed destined to end up with the blame for the fiasco. The pace was good throughout the production as the complicated plot unravelled The story got more ludicrous and the laughs piled up during this very entertaining evening.