Date 18th February 2022
Society The Avenue Theatre Production Company (ATPC)
Venue Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Lisa Thornton/Rebecca Brown
Musical Director Steve Austin
Choreographer Lisa Thornton
Producer Lisa Thornton


Author: Kay Wright

To say today was an eventful one is quite the understatement! Lorries on their sides, trees blown down and garden sheds battered by the gale force winds, but nothing was going to stop the Avenue Theatre Productions Junior Cast from performing! And I have to say, I am pleased that it didn’t.

‘Pantastic’ was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, filled with songs, dancing and even a daring sword fight! It was clear a lot of hard work had been put into this production, from the costumes, to scenery, to enthusiastic chorus numbers. The Avenue Juniors should be proud of this show. Having never seen one by this group before, I left the theatre with the impression that this was a youth theatre group that truly values every one of its young, talented cast.

The principals all played their parts with confidence. Lines were delivered clearly and songs were sung beautifully. This combined with some lovely comic timing for jokes, left the audience chuckling. However, I was pleased to see that every member of the cast had a moment to shine. Be it a song to sing or a comedy scene to deliver, each member of the cast had a moment that was theirs and performed wonderfully. I was particularly pleasantly surprised to watch a song performed with signing (I believe this was Makaton – do forgive me if I am incorrect). But what a wonderful way to strive for inclusivity! Just brilliant! Scenery was cleverly mastered on a small stage, with choice props intelligently placed to create levels. I was impressed with the use of a small backdrop that was unfolded, almost like the pages of a story book, to transport the audience from scene to scene. Combine all this with atmospheric lighting and even some ambience sound effects, you were transported from windy Sittingbourne to magical Neverland in a moment! The costumes were vibrant and fun. From sparkling Fairies, to Native Braves, scruffy Lost Boys, ferocious Pirates, the Darling family and our hero Peter - they all thoroughly looked the part. Not forgetting that mischievous crocodile! 

Well done to all cast, crew and production team on a job well done.