Date 10th November 2016
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Grant Flanagan


Author: Gordon Harrius

Its always good to visit the Oast and especially their Youth group, the Ratlets.Oliver Twist is one of my favourites by Dickens, although I wanted to sing the songs. 

Nick Wills as Charles Dickens headed this cast and did a grand job in doing so, clear diction and projection, this could have been more taken up by a few more in the cast, some I could not hear at all. Young Oliver and the rest of the cast made this play likeable.Its not fair to single out members of this cast as I know they were doing their best, but some of them gave us a little more.

Fagin: I liked his portrayal, he kept to the original, more Russian than Jewish, the way it should be done, Nancy had the right balance, as did Mr Bumble and Mr Brownlow, Dr Grimwig gave us the comedy and Mr and Mrs Sowerbury were suitably funereal.

Good direction from Grant Flanagan once again. He took this dark piece of theatre and directed it well, so well in places we could not see the faces of the actors!! Set was strong and effective, but I didn’t understand the central rostra, too high and causing the actors problems. All in all a good piece of theatre from Ratlets, well done everyone involved.