Date 15th April 2016
Society LOS Musical Theatre
Venue Lewes Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Libby Hannelle
Musical Director Michael Cullen
Choreographer Joanna Thomas


Author: Brenda Gower

This production was powerful, moving and funny in all the right places with a very talented cast.  I was able to see the show twice and was therefore able to see both Olivers and Dodgers performing.  Roo Samuel King and Nathan De Silva (Olivers) and Gabriel Uprichard and Walter Hall (Dodgers) all brought the characters to life with the Olivers using their lovely young voices to great effect and the Dodgers portrayed as the really cheeky cockneys direct from the East End.  Tom Freeman and Alison Lawfield were an ideal pairing as Mr Bumble and Widow Corney as were Dino Bishop and Amy Reynolds as Mr & Mrs Sowerberry.  Great performances from all four.  Hayden Cheyne's characterisation as Fagin was Fagin personified - a wonderful performance.  Lamiah Davey played Nancy with a maturity that belied her years - a very strong voicie and using both passion and compassion, so vital to this part.  Rob Punter was a truly Evill Bill Sykes, accompanied by Arthur the English Bull Terrier as Bullseye who was obviously a professional dog and well used to crowds.  All those playing the other roles - Raphy McDavitt-Lowe as Bet, Gary Rogers as Mr Brownlow and Alison King as Mrs Bedwin all added much to the piece as did those playing the other smaller parts, together with those in "Who Will Buy" and of course, the all important Workhouse Boys, Fagin's Gang and Londoners.  As always, lots of work to be done backstage and all facets of this were handled extremely well.  Many congratulations are due to all involved - a really susccesful show.