No Sex Please, We're British

Date 16th June 2016
Society Wick Theatre Company
Venue The Barn Theatre, Southwick
Type of Production Play
Director Caroline Woodley


Author: Lance Milton

It’s always a pleasure to attend and review productions for the Wick theatre Company as you know that you are in for a great night. However, with a title as renowned and prolific as No Sex Please, We’re British, which still holds many records for length of run and popularity among great British farces, one could be forgiven for being a little apprehensive of any group pulling off something contemporary; but that is just what the Wick managed. Very often the tried and tested is the safe play but here director Caroline Woodley seems to have allowed her cast to add a slightly more current lilt gently bringing the piece a little more up to date without detraction from the writers; Foot & Marriott, intent.

Matt Mulvay and Andrea Jones were convincing as the newlywed Hunters and Pam Luxton perfectly delivered the interfering mother particularly in her chemistry with John Pounder and the flirtatious bank manager Leslie Bromhead. Peter Joyce was a believable inspector Vernon Paul, with great timing on some tricky entrances. John Garland was an incredibly brave Mr Needham baring all when his pyjamas fell down and baring only marginally less Jennie Duval and Katie Marshall were great fun as the ladies of the night Susan and Barbara. However, as the star vehicle in the professional productions and undoubtedly the biggest gift of a part in the writing, Mark Best delivered a stand out performance as the hilarious Brian Runnicles. It was a delight to see him take the part and make it unique to himself, resisting the urge to offer a caricature of Michael Crawford, David Jason or Ronnie Corbett, who have all played it.

The set was simple but effective and this was true of the technical support overall too. Once again this was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of entertainment from a group who are committed to delivering great value regional theatre.