No Love Lost

Date 9th February 2019
Society Bedworth Theatre Company
Venue Bedworth Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Alison SMith


Author: Paul Douglass

My first visit to this very talented company, and I hope it will not be my last.

The comedic play opens with historian Max's surprise birthday party and he narrates his story thorough a series of flashbacks to the previous Christmas and the events which led to him separating from this wife. He also informs us on how his father-in-law Daniel came to end up living with him. In the second act of the play we see the scenario from a different angle, his wife Kate's who also narrates her story but from Christmas day until the present time and how she ended up with her Mother living with her and how her Mother thinks of herself as a widow. We meet their two children Anna and Emma plus Emma's one off boyfriend Frank and Kate's friend Noon. We also meet up with Jeff, Max's best friend, who not only goes out on a date with Kate to see a play in Birmingham but also with Noon. Complicated it seems, but it does all work out alright in the end.

The cast, really worked well together Dale Hammond as Max and Kathryn Griffiths as Kate did a sterling job with quite a lot of dialogue to learn. They were well supported by Cassie Furey as Anna and Emma Barnett as Emma, who, even though she only had a few lines, made here presence felt on stage. Stella Niblock and Colin Udall gave good performances as Kate's parents Jenny and Daniel. Rachel Cole and Richard Nicholls were well matched as Noon and car salesman Jeff. And last but no least Duane Hilton as Frank who made me laugh every time he came onto the stage.

Alison Smith did a first class job directing this production in the limited space available. The set used gave the impression of rooms without being over the top.