Mother Goose

Date 13th January 2017
Society Compton Little Theatre
Venue Compton Village Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Rhona Wilkie


Author: Pauline Surrey

The perennial favourite pantomime, Mother Goose, surely needs no introduction. Good triumphs over evil, all loose ends are neatly tied up, all live happily ever after, but what a charming tale! The sets were super, very atmospheric, and transported one back to the time of fairy tales. They were perfect in every way. I especially loved the enchanted arch setting, imagined myself a child, being tempted to enter under it myself, full of trepidation, awe and wonder.

The costumes were absolutely brilliant, authentic to the mediaeval settings, not too glittery, not too much bling – except where essential in the Mother Goose Transformation Scene in the second half! The costumes truly enhanced the audience’s enjoyment of the show. The fairies’ costumes were a delight, both for us to see and for the youngsters to wear, I am sure. As for the costumes of Mother Goose, they had to be seen to be believed! Her make-up and hairdos too!

I was very impressed by the dance numbers, a great choice of songs, excellently sung, excellently danced.

What a superb evening of fine family fun! A great sense of tradition and continuity was had, as old sang along with young, all joining in of course, clapping along, tapping their feet, as Brits have been doing for, well, how long exactly? 100 years, 150 years? The jokes were all clean, funny, and not too corny.  An overwhelming atmosphere full of exuberance, colour, movement, humour and excellent acting.

Special praise must go to the wonderful Noel Ruddy, who played Mother Goose to perfection – he also sang and danced well, and transformed himself into quite a vamp in the second half! Clive Grant played a superbly creepy Squire Sidney Snyde, with some fine body language and grimaces. Virtue and Vanity, the good and bad Fairy Queens were brilliantly cast, as were our very credible young lovers, Jack and Jill, and the cheeky son of Mother Goose, Billy Goose. Bodjit and Scarper kept turning up in various guises, living up to their names, and they led us all very well in the jolly rendering of that brilliantly catchy number ‘Ever so goosey’, that I now can’t get out of my head!

Finally, of course, who could forget Candy, our much put upon Magic Goose. Quite difficult, I should think, to put in an Oscar-winning performance in an outfit as large, and cumbersome (and as hot, probably) as this, but Caitlin Ruddy pulled it off – a loveable, sensitive and also fun-loving Magic Goose!

I cannot wait for next year’s pantomime, must bring a grandchild next time!