Mother Goose

Date 11th January 2019
Society Caprian Theatre Company
Venue Dryden Centre Low Fell Gateshead
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Joan Oldfield
Musical Director Enid Stafford
Choreographer Rachel Tate


Author: Foster Johnson

Once again it was with much pleasure that I witnessed the art of pantomime production from the Caprian Theatre Company with their rendition of Jeff Waites's hilarious tale of Mother Goose. This was the Company's 52nd Pantomime and the fourth rendition of this particular show. However there was nothing staid or dated about this production as it was fresh and inventive and fairly rattled along from start to finish in the capable hands of Director Joan Oldfield and Musical Director Enid Stafford.  

The cast were all seasoned performers in this art form and from ensemble members to Principals alike they delivered a first class evenings entertainment.The dozen Principals were spot on in their respective roles and their extremely hard work really paid off with some fine interaction particularly during many of the comedy routines.Well done to Russell Rafferty (Demon of Darkness), Andrea Riley (Queen of Light), Mellisa Kirby (Priscilla), Lindsay Kellegher (Colin the Squires Son), Eve McRoberts (Jill),  Sam Monkhouse (Squire), Pam Dias and Ian Mordue (Dribs and Drabs), Steve Nichol (Gus, Mothers Goose's Son), Kevin Riley (Mother Goose) and Daniel Fenwick and Lisa Simpson (King and Queen of Gooseland)

Supplementing this was some nice singing and movement from the ensemble and Dance Troupe  The choice of musical numbers was excellent and up to the minute. These were coupled with the usual favourites and audience participation items.  Added to this was some cleverly worded lyrics to a couple of tongue twisting songs delivered by Mother Goose herself.

The Costumes from Alan Graham were excellent and the Scenery in the hands of Scenic Artist Alan Gray and his Set Design and Construction Team was excellent too.. The audience was particularly struck and enjoyed the scene with the flying and the flight to Gooseland. Completing the picture all of the comedy gags which you come to expect from pantomimes were fresh and original. Yes there were some old jokes dotted around but as the Programme said it is pantomime after all.

Overall a fine show and great reward for all the hard work and effort put into it.