Made in Dagenham

Date 24th May 2019
Society Winchester Musicals & Opera Society
Venue The Theatre Royal
Type of Production Musical
Director Wesley Buckeridge
Musical Director Martin Patterson
Choreographer Molly Moffitt
Producer Sally Male (Production Manager)


Author: Mark Allen

Well, where on earth do I start! One of the best shows I have seen. Full of vigor, energy, rousing numbers, brilliant choreography, a well rehearsed, enthusiastic and on-song chorus, amazing principles just a fantastic night. OK Mark, calm down!

Welcomed into the foyer, which was packed and buzzing (always great too see) we collected our tickets, ordered the interval drinks (and accompanying mortgage for said beverages) and took our seats. I have seen this show before and was slightly underwhelmed by it. It is based on the Ford strikes for equal pay in the late 1960s. However I was in for a whole new experience. The Orchestra/band, led extremely well by Martin Patterson, struck up and away we went.

The enthusiasm from every single member on stage was very clear too see. not one of the cast looked disinterested and all were fully engaged, bright, vibrant and very enthusiastic, all adding their own small nuances, none of which went unnoticed. The principles led by Olivia Conroy as Rita and Lorraine Morgan as Connie portrayed the Fun, the seriousness and the sadness brilliantly, and were very well backed up by Ellie Bridgeman as the ever so slightly dim Sandra, Gina Thornley as the colorful Beryl (there are lots of others but unfortunately far too many to mention). Alan Morgan played Harold Wilson with real northern humour and was joined by Katie Hickson as Barbara Castle. The poignancy of Steve Gleed as Monty, the man who had always loved Connie pulled at the heartstrings.

A good set used the flys well but did slightly block the upper room part of the set, but this is really nit picking. I had the pleasure of reviewing WMOS "Singing in the Rain" last year, at the time I thought that would be difficult to follow. But you did. And how. We loved it so much we wanted to come back and see it again. We couldn't: sold out. I've seen some shows, some come and go. This will stay for some time. Brilliant. Thank you.