Little Shop of Horrors

Date 29th September 2018
Society Stevenage Lytton Players
Venue The Lytton Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Wesley Hughes
Musical Director Wesley Hughes
Choreographer Wesley Hughes


Author: Vicki Avery

What a great show!  On arrival we found the audience being harassed by ‘down and outs’ from Skid Row.

The set was very simple but exceedingly effective with excellent props and furnishings but still leaving enough space on the stage for the action to take place without ever looking crowded.

The orchestra which was tucked away at the side of the auditorium produced the right volume of sound under the lead of Wesley Hughes and Alice Atkins on sound ensured that every word was clearly heard and that sound effects did not dominate the cast. 

The lighting by Stephen Dockerill, was cleverly designed again building the atmosphere but also making sure that all the cast could be seen clearly when necessary. 

Now I must extol the virtues of Audrey 2, the man-eating plant brilliantly played by Andrew Lee as the voice and Alex Hancock, the puppeteer.  Their co-ordination and synchronisation were superb.  It is easy to hire a prop but a different matter altogether getting it to function so exceptionally well. 

Next, but certainly not least, I must congratulate a cast of excellent principals supported by good dancers and some strong singing from the chorus.  The two main characters Seymour (Joe Reddan) and Audrey (Laura McHugh) were well cast. They maintained their wonderful characters through-out both providing great humour to their parts and singing exceptionally well. I particularly enjoyed “Somewhere That’s Green” and “Call Back in the Morning”.

Steve Wilks (Mushnick) and Richard Absalom (Orin) both performed with great conviction and proved yet again their versatility. Their interpretation of their characters was excellent showing their unpleasant side.  Both received their just desserts much to the audience’s delight. 

I was very impressed with the three Ronettes who moved, sang and danced exceptionally well. The vocal close harmony work was excellent.

What more can I say than I would willingly sit through the evening again. 

My huge congratulations go to Director, Michelle Airey. It is so refreshing to see this young director take chances and push boundaries, I’m sure I will see many more of her productions in the future.  Well done to you all.