Legally Blonde The Musical

Date 20th February 2019
Society The Burton Musical Theatre Company
Venue De Ferres Academy
Type of Production Musical
Director Lee Smith
Musical Director David Blackwell
Choreographer Catherine Moore


Author: Alan Bruce

Based on the hit film, this is a fabulously spectacular show. Book by Heather Hach, with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Neil Benjamin.

Having spent some minutes browsing a well known on-line supplier of books for a new Big Book of Superlatives I was disappointed not to find one as I think I may run out of them trying to review this amazing show.

OMIGOD You Guys, from the blockbuster opening the Pink World of Elle Wood bursts in to life. Her Sassy DeltaNus sorority sisters open the door for us to peek in and see what makes this pacey, bright show such a hit. Delta Nu, Go Girls, You Rock!!

Director Lee Smith's production team have surpassed themselves, no mean feat I can assure you. Your entire crew are to be praised. Great scenery, the scene changes so slick, the scenes evolved so ergonomically it was a joy to watch.

Elle Wood embodied by Jessica Skinner, witty, optimistic, fashionista, dog lover, gave a simply stunning performance, this is a very demanding and challenging role which she pulled off with very creditable aplomb loved her beautiful Legally Blonde duet shared with...

Emmett, Jonathan Salt, gave us a beautifully understated performance, his character growing in confidence as Elle helped transform him as he transformed her.

Warner, Tom Berriman, Nailed his part a character seemingly having it all ends up being on a hiding to nothing.

Callahan, Steven Foster, this character took me back to 50/60s musicals, no nonsense, brash, aloof predator, bully really well played.

Catherine Straw as heart on her sleeve Paulette, again superbly acted, we saw her failed relationships, the heartache, great emotional pathos and love of all things Irish. Her scenes with UPS Walking Porn Kyle, Oly, I know how to make an entrance, Wright were brilliant a real hoot – the River dance was inspired.

Choreographer Catherine Moore brought us some of the best movement I've seen on stage for quite some time, sharp, controlled, expressive; at times it was like watching a live music video such was the high quality of her performers in fact the whole cast's stage craft stood out, they love performing this show and it comes across to the audience just how much they're engaged in giving the best performance they can. She must have one of the fittest cast around as well Laura Smith as Brooke must have a third lung, amazing!

Musical Director David Blackwell continually produces outstanding results from his brilliant musicians and cast. It pays dividends, both the music and songs were so stylised flipping through lots of genres, hints and references from older shows at times, through to rap and reggae. Music worked so well.

I always look forward to seeing BMTC shows, as I hear every nuance, every word and every note, your whole production has a professional feel to it, from your stella sound and very effective setting and use of lighting, creating the mood so well. Costumes again, superb, the amount of changes to, great logistics to keep so many in line.

The attention to detail, throughout the show was second to none, Utter finesse. Enid's remote button, the stenographer using the toilet roll in the bathroom; brilliant subtle touches. Such an important message too, Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover – Legally Blonde, Absolutely stunning, we loved it.