Ladies Day

Date 16th March 2018
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast House Theatre
Director Beryl Lacey


Author: Gordon Harris

Ladies Day is one of my favourite plays. I’ve seen it produced several times, and it has never disappointed me. Based in a Fish factory up north with northern humour to match, it smelt of success from the beginning.

Beryl Lacey chose four very compliant actresses and moulded them into their own individual characters. Each one had their secrets: Pearl (Jan Wyatt) a motherly older type who has been having an affair for years with Barry (Phill Willing); Linda a shy mother who also has been secretly flirting with Joe (Darren Hammock); Linda (Holly Geldard) a sort of simple girl, finds love in Patrick the jockey (Kevin Lane); Shelly (Charlotte Caston) what a part for any young lady, a tart, isn’t easy to play and get it just right, Charlotte succeeded with just the right amount of tartiness, not going over the top. Steve Berry as Jim Mcmack gave a splendid performance as did John Sansom as Kevin, and Neil Balderston as Fred.

An excellent set and costumes made this Ladies Day directed by Beryl one of the best plays I have seen at the Oast House Theatre. A great choice with four very competent actresses - it could not fail.