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La Traviata


26th May 2017


Kentish Opera


Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks

Type of Production



Sally Langford

Musical Director

Robyn Sevastos


Pauline Flanagan


Author: Gordon Harris

La Traviata is one of the most famous in the operatic repertory. The score is littered with fantastic tunes that are now wildly famous, even those that aren’t at all operatically versed will know many of the arias. Beyond that it is the coherence of the whole piece that makes it a masterpiece. The taut plot and vivid characters paired with Verdi’s perfectly attuned music tend to result in few dry eyes by the end of Act III.

Kentish Opera’s GLORIOUS production of La Traviata is sumptuous in all ways. Sally Langford once again gathered her cast and crew together to bring Sevenoaks audiences a perfect Traviata…. and with Robyn Sevastos as Conductor, this production was a perfect joy to watch. All the cast were chosen carefully, and with the back up of the tremendous Kentish Opera’s chorus, all of them and principal leads gave us solid performances.Carol Stevenson's costume design was stunning and the red theme in Act II was breathtaking…every detail however small was covered…Perfect just perfect.. Teamed with Enid Stutt’s ingenious set of the clever use of linen/tulle drapes, this women works wonders with her set designs always coming up with something fresh.

La Traviata at the Stag Theatre is no tragedy. The plot may be a tragic story. But the production certainly isn’t.Thank you, thank you Kentish Opera for inviting me - as you can tell I loved your Traviata.