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29th April 2017


Codsall Dramatic Society


Codsall Village Hall

Type of Production



Wendy Peterson/Colin Peterson

Musical Director





Author: Jean Beard

For my first outing following an operation on my spine I decided to visit Codsall D S with the proviso that if I couldn't sit for the entire play I could leave with no reflection on the performance.  Needless to say I stayed for the entire duration of the play!

From the opening lines to the final bows this was an entertaining play (written by John Chapman) with first class performances from all the actors taking part. It was a light hearted look at actors and how they make a drama out of everything that happens in their lives. As anyone who works backstage knows the actors in any show can do this. This production had all the drama - a marriage on the rocks, best friends who just happened to be lawyers with divided loyalties, forgotten lines, a threatened murder with the victim hiding in a trunk, ageing parents one of whom was an alcoholic and who was once a famous Shakesperian actor.

The cast bounced their lines around and not a single laugh was missed. When you have a well cast play it is difficult to name any specific actor but honours must go to the alcoholic "King Lear" John Bingham, Andy Cholerton as Rupert who threatened to murder his lawyer, and Ann Escritt as the Nurse trying to pacify and control "The King". As the play progressed John must have recited most of Lear's speeches getting more and more drunk with each appearance but never overdoing it to the point where he became unbelievable.

A good set which was well decorated with practical props. This was a production which clearly demonstrated why the Group won the Noda Award for  Best Production in 2016 and they had their Award proudly on display for all to see...