Journeys End

Date 23rd March 2018
Society Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Georgian Theatre, Richmond
Type of Production Play
Director Gregan Davis


Author: Rhoda Fraser

Journeys End, gave us a glimpse into the Officers dug out in northern France over four days, March 1918, during the First World War, prior to real life events of Operation Michael.

Sherriff based the play on his own experiences while in active service in France.

The evening I attended, the play was made even more poignant by the fact that it was 100 years since the actual event, known as the Second battle of the Somme.

On entering, the set was open and the theatre dressed with hessian, a clever touch, taking away all colour and drawing you into the small dug out area, focusing you to the action. Lighting and sound added atmosphere particularly during the crescendo of the final battle, well done Tony Wilcock.

Stanhope (Scott Fenney) and Osbourne (Miles Templeton) gave us some powerful raw moments of life working in adverse conditions. Raleigh (Jasper Worrall) playing the new, naïve Officer keen to serve under his old school hero, brought a sparkle to the stage and later upon his death, a tear to the eye.

Throughout the play Mason the cook (Charles Lambert) served up a variety of “amazing” dishes, (and onion tea) eaten with great gusto by Trotter (Jordan Leighton) the pair giving light and humour to the production.

The captured German (Stuart Kerr) gave a competent cameo performance, and the supporting team worked well together to give the atmosphere of the stresses occurring at the front line, and how different characters cope with that.

Jim Jack, a well-known local singer, strongly led the entire cast in the song “Only Remembered” alongside information of what followed in reality, the play we had just seen. The authentic costumes, and a final salute rather than a bow, were pure gold, well done Gregan some lovely ideas.

A final thank you to the ladies for sitting out this production, I noticed a number of members worked supporting backstage; I look forward to seeing you in the RADS Summer show, A Bunch of Amateurs.