Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Date 18th May 2023
Society Worthing Musical Comedy Society
Venue Pavilion Theatre Worthing
Type of Production Musical
Director Lee Payne
Musical Director Nigel Newman
Choreographer Kate Wilson
Set & Lighting Design Stephen Holroyd


Author: Keith Smithers

I have for a long time enjoyed the music from this show and seen several other productions of it but this particular enactment took it to another level. Many of the songs were a production in their own right. Singing, acting, dancing, comedy and technical were just ace. The choreography in particular was exceptionally detailed but looked so natural and effective when performed by the cast. The “Go, Go, Go Joseph” finale was one example. I can just imagine the rehearsal time taken with all those different coloured pom-poms.  “Journey to Egypt” was an innovative and very funny comedic scene.

The Narrator who led us through this extravaganza  was Hannah-Eléni Etherington. Her diction was clear and no one could say that they could not follow the storyline. She was on stage for a large percentage of the evening and introduced us first to Jacob (Denis Fuller) and his twelve children including the youngest and favourite, Joseph (Adam Knight). His title character was performed simply and impeccably throughout. His singing was excellent and diction very clear.

As there are eleven more children of Jacob, I have given them their own paragraph. They also had a lot to sing, some of it in harmony. The overall sound was really good. The soloists in the many styles of songs (I am thinking especially of “One More Angel”, “Those Canaan Days” and “Benjamin Calypso”). As in life, they all had individual personalities and these were quite obvious in their acting. They all had wives who also doubled up in the Egypt and other scenes for ensemble singing and dancing. I lost count of the number of costume changes they had but they were just right.

Five other important people in this story are in chronological order the Baker (Jennie Freer) and the Butler (Zoe Saunders), Potiphar (jeffrey Raggett) and his wife (Kathryn Trelfa), and finally Pharaoh (John Chambers). Well chosen for there roles, we enjoyed the action in which they took part and Pharaoh enacted the “Elvis” impersonation brilliantly.  

It was also wonderful to see so many children on stage (up to 24). Nigel Newman and his six musicians accompanied solos and ensembles with just the right volume so that we could follow the words and storyline clearly.   

Finally, therefore, I must close with congratulations to every person involved with the production. What a great team you are. Thank you so much for a absolutely entertaining and joyful evening. I think the applause of a full theatre said it all.