I am- lets get Social (or not)

Date 23rd March 2019
Society Fylde Coast Youth Theatre
Venue Kirkham Community Centre
Type of Production Play ( with Music)
Director Debbie Parkinson
Musical Director n/a
Choreographer n/a
Producer n/a


Author: Eddie Regan

The Kirkham Community Centre was the venue for this Company’s first Production of the year and the room was arranged Cabaret Style to give an informal atmosphere. A large screen was displayed and lit upstage where projection was used to great effect, showing what was indicated on performers mobile phones. Two smaller raised platforms, stage right and left added further playing areas.

Dressed in black and all handling mobile phones the action began as the entire cast moved onto the stage to introduce this intriguing piece of Theatre.                                                                                                                                             

Debbie Parkinson who runs this recently formed Youth Theatre Group informed me that the whole performance was created and written by the students themselves.

In a world surrounded by the Internet and Social Media, the students had been required to explore the pros and cons of the problems they experience every day. Having four teenage grandchildren of my own, this subject was particularly relevant, as it was to members of the audience, made up of family and friends of the performers.   Recently a Government advisor on technology has called for more to be done to protect people from the dangers of the Internet. “Tougher action is required to protect children from cyber bullying and grooming and also greater regulation will be needed to make sure the use of artificial intelligence is safe”

This Production consisted of various aspects of the Internet and Social Media performed either as a large group, smaller groups or as individual items.   The evening was fascinating from beginning to end, raising many questions for us all to think about and discuss.

There were some excellent performances but I will not be highlighting anyone in particular as this was really an Ensemble piece.

This Production involved some very poignant moments showing how someone can feel insecure. “I’m not just a pretty face” and how photographs shared on Social Media can raise hopes when dreaming of meeting that particular good-looking boy or girl, as on Tinder. The students involved this evening convinced me that most young people are well aware of the dangers of the Internet and are helping to eradicate many of the problems.

All who took part in tonight’s performance are to be congratulated. The vocal numbers were first class. Good voices and musicality. There was no sign of nerves and the way they dealt with the occasional technical problem would have put many older actors to shame. Debbie Parkinson, Director, must be delighted with her talented cast.

This Company, quite rightly, received many accolades from those present and I certainly want to see their next Production.

Many thanks for the warm welcome to my wife and myself.