Humpty Dumpty

Date 29th January 2022
Society Haven Players
Venue Stone Cross Memorial Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Charisse Goddard and Pamela Fanucci
Written By Charisse Goddard and Pamela Fanucci


Author: Brenda Gower

A really original panto written and directed by Charisse Goddard and Pamela Fanucci.  As we were told in the programme, Charisse wrote the original script with her mother in Zimbabwe in 1988 and 34 years later here we have The Haven Players telling this tale in 2022 and very well told it was too. It was fascinating to hear and see the story being unravelled with good singing and lovely dancing along the way.

Most of the principals’ names were egg related (of course!) and so we have Olive Omlette played vivaciously by Emma Pierssene and the two comic characters Sergeant Egg Yolk and Corporal Egg White, Mark Canelle and Zara-Mae Belcher giving us lots of laughs.

Prince Michael of Mayonnaise (Tristan Goddard) – actually one of the twins Charisse was expecting (or should that be eggspecting!) as rehearsals went ahead for the 1988 production and Josie Mead as Princess Shellana gave lovely performances.   

Humpty Dumpty (Alicia Jay) and Belladonna Henbane (Andy Bennett) were a well portrayed evil pair and the legend was that if Humpty Dumpty fell, the King would lose his crown.  This of course occurred which really put King Eggbert the Unready (Yana Mason) into a terrific spin.  Sue Davies was the personification of Good as Mrs Meringue who made sure in no uncertain fashion that King Eggbert’s crown was restored to him.  All the other characters acted well in true panto style, together with the excellent Dancers and Chorus.

Everyone was costumed perfectly and the set (decorated with many egg shapes) was well conceived and good to look at. Sound & lighting excellent together with all the backstage work carried out by the team under the direction of Stage Manager Les Worsfold.

Many thanks to Charisse for bringing this well travelled and delightful panto to Stone Cross and to all involved.