High School Musical

Date 31st January 2018
Society Big Bad Wolf Children's Theatre Company
Venue Falkirk Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Lindsay Dowell
Musical Director Jonathon Graham
Choreographer Emma Watkins


Author: Elizabeth Donald

The cast burst on to the stage with energy and confidence as Cheerleaders and Basketball teams and never looked back. Fun and enjoyment radiated from all as they took us on the journey of two youngsters who had met and bonded at a singing competition on holiday only to meet again at school and try to cut through the stereotypical thinking of their peers in order to come together and do what they really want. The two leads Gabriella (Amy Allan) and Tony (Daniel Scrymgeour) conveyed the frustrations of the young convincingly. Their duets were harmonised and beautifully sung. Meanwhile the school diva, Sharpay (Abby Renwick) acted the attractive teenager with attitude as if the role was made for her. Along with brother, Ryan (Paul MacDonald) their command of the stage impressed. Their song and dance routines were precise and Ryan’s expressions were priceless. The adult roles of drama teacher Ms Darbus (Daisy Campbell) and PE Coach Bolton (Freddie Bang) were well characterised and very credible. Supportive roles of energetic Chad friend to Troy (John Sherlock), of Taylor science buff (Hannah Parsons), of composer Kelsi (Karis Black) and of class comedian Jason (Callum Allan) were well drawn and performed. A lively commentary and continuity role was ably kept up by DJ Jack (Euan Arthur). Dress, expression, stance and gestures delineated the sporty types from the science types from the arty types and it was fitting that the resolution of the show came from the youngsters themselves. The cast of over 60 all moved as one in the catchy music ratchetting up the tempo in numbers like Stick to the Status Quo and Breaking Free. The main backdrop of school lent itself to turning with ease into drama studio, sports hall, locker room, with the sides of the stage used as science lab and roof garden. Costumes of red sportswear, and school wear were apt and contributed to the atmosphere as did the lighting and sound. There were a good number of new young faces on stage learning and enjoying themselves. The choice of show was great for these youngsters who demonstrated enthusiasm, belief and talent. Congratulations to all.