Date 29th November 2015
Society Children of Benllech Pantomime Group
Director Sue Coomber
Musical Director Eunice Parry
Choreographer Tracey Worthington



I have seen Hansel and Gretel once before, but the Company’s 29th Production had a topical twist to it, namely The Great British Bake Off had come to Pleasantville.

Chloe Worthington was just exceptional as Ma Kipling who owned the bakery. Hardly ever off stage, Chloe kept in character throughout and had a great influence on other members of the cast. As well as performing her own tasks, she encouraged and gave confidence to younger members of the Company, a great effort. Ellie Balahura, as Oswald, Ma Kipling’s son, was the first character on stage and put the audience at ease at once.

Good performance from Amy Coulson as Kylie, who eventually marries the Prince, with Isaac Osborne and Josie Thomas suitably cast as Hansel and Gretel respectively. Emma Rowlands gave an inspired portrayal as Prince Oliver, her singing was perfect. Jack Worthington received the Boos from the cast and audience as the ‘baddie’ Barry Bagel by trying to steal Ma Kipling’s secret recipe for the ‘bake off’. He was supported ably by side-kicks Gary and Baldi Lewis Booker and Lizzie Rumble. The roles of Sergeant Flip and Constable Flop were in the hands of Michaela Booker and Alisha Thomas whilst Joe Bartley was the ‘never popular’ Tax Officer Hugh Handitover. Nice contribution from good witches, Kallie Chan as Amelia, Charlotte Osborne as Saffron and Ffion Rowlands as Cinnamon.

The chorus of villagers was excellent, word perfect and in tune in each number. Dancers performed their tasks confidently and one could hear every word of script and score from cast and chorus throughout the performance – well done to all.

I was amazed once again at the inspirational set design by Katherine Mills Pritchard, the backcloths and flats were beautifully constructed particularly inside Ma Kipling’s Cake Shop – so many goodies and in the second Act the Gingerbread Wood was exceptional. Lighting and Sound were right on cue. Costumes were again so professionally made by the Wardrobe Team and added greatly to a delightful experience on a cold windy afternoon.