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Goodnight Mister Tom


16th March 2017


Hebden Bridge Light Opera Society


Hebden Bridge Little Theatre

Type of Production



Elizabeth Holland

Musical Director

David Root


Julie Harris/Amy Riddlesden


Author: Jacqui Hartley

Hebden Bridge Light Opera Society should have performed "Goodnight Mister Tom" last year but unfortunately with the floods that took place on Boxing Day and devasted the "Little Theatre" in Hebden Bridge the show had to be postponed until this year.

The wonderful story written by Michelle Margarian was brought to life by an adaptation by David Wood incorporating extremely difficult music but neccessary to enhance the production.

Set during the buildup to, and during the World  War 11, it follows the story of evacuee William Beech (Lucas Hemingway) and his amazing and heartwarming friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley (Ian Moorhouse).  A bitter lonely man who lost his wife and child to Scarlet Fever, and the two together form an empathy that tugs on the heart strings, brilliantly portrayed by Tom and little William.

William forms a friendship with a Jewish boy Zachariurs Wrench (Jago Thomas-Jones) who is later killed in an air raid when he follows William to London when his mother demands his return to look after her.

Tom misses William and goes to look for him in London and discovers him locked in a cupboard by his mother who has gone mad, with his little sister who had died in his arms.  He is taken into hospital where Tom rescues him and takes him home to live with him.

Rachel (Julie Harris) the ghost of Tom's wife dances beautifully when Tom sings and dreams about her, all the children worked very hard on their acting and singing.  The adult principles who doubled up on different roles gave good support.

The show ended with William calling Tom 'Dad' for the first time.

Congratulations to all involved.