Flushed and Flushed Again

Date 10th September 2021
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast Theatre, Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Kevin Lane


Author: Gordon Harris

What a joy it was to go back to The Oasthouse Theatre, after such a long time away. The curtain parts and we see a ladies' toilet, three lock up cubicles, and three pairs of glam shoes.

Ron Nicol’s play Flushed and Flushed again is such a good play for Rats to reopen with. A laugh a minute. Kevin Lane as the Director had chosen a perfect cast of three strong actresses in Helen Caston, Claire Feekings and Kathy West, Flushed was a tour de force for all of them, the play being so wordy between them. We got a gamut of emotions from all of them, mostly sarcasm. Sarcasm is very difficult to get over convincingly, but these three quality actresses were perfect at it, line perfect throughout.

Why were these three in the toilet? It's Jan’s hen night and Jan and Meg are slagging off an old friend they know and, guess what ,Tara the friend is in the lock up behind them. Out she comes and the fracas starts and really doesn’t stop, even more so when the handle of the door comes off in Jan’s hand. This spells disaster and more slagging off of each other. Helen Caston as Jan Claire, Feeking as Meg, and Kathy West as Tara - what a trio of accomplished and competent actresses.

In act two we see them all at Jan’s wedding in the same toilet and yes the handle of the door comes off again and more sarcasm and expletives!!!!!..I’ll say no more. The solid set gave us a real sense of being in a ladies toilet and, as always, props were spot on.

Kevin Lane these ladies did you proud, not an easy play to direct as a lot of emotions but you directed it expertly.