Date 28th May 2018
Society Magna Drama Group
Venue The Powell Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Betty Morris


Author: Louise Hickey

This new play from Betty Morris was set in the grounds of newly divorced Mollie, played by Hilary Jones, who wants to start a new venture into the music festival world due to Glastonbury not happening this year! Mollie also wants to use the festival as a platform for her precocious daughter Cloud Madonna played by Hollie Hoult in her debut performance. Mollie’s sister Syd, Laura Gwynne, has been living with her sister and having tried several unsuccessful ventures herself wants this one to be her future. 

The interaction between these three was the foundation of the play and they were so natural and relaxed that it was totally believable. The sibling rivalry was hilarious and as usual, Laura and Hilary shone as the comediennes of the piece. The constant moving of parts of the set was a really nice touch and added to the hilarity. 

David Jones played the quick-thinking spiv Griff, who had been sent by the mysterious Vince to take back the speakers that had been sold to Mollie. The speakers were integral to the plot and much of the antics involved them. This is a role that Dave seems to relish, and this shows in his performance. His sidekick Phil played by Dan Hoskins was very confused throughout and genuinely believed at one point that they really were part of the fabricated band that Griff had invented to cover their real reason for being there. There was a brilliant moment when Syd tackled Phil to the ground and had her foot literally on his throat for some time, there were genuine gasps from the audience!! It’s nice to see Dan’s confidence grow with every new role he takes on.

It was lovely to see Maureen Baker back in the cast as Violet, a stall holder selling her home-made potions and a member of the local band who were also playing at the festival. Second band member was Daniel Beer who acted as bodyguard for the indomitable speakers much to the annoyance of Griff and Phil. The third member of the band was the eccentric Catkin who should have been played by Valerie Lewis, but unfortunately was unwell and so Betty Morris performed instead. This was a very brave move but if we hadn’t been told, we wouldn’t have known. The trio added to the mirth with their own antics.

The last character was Monty played by Paul Oliver. Monty was the most eccentric of them all spouting obscure poetry and philosophising to everyone and in true Betty Morris was the red herring as Monty turned out to be the mysterious Vince, much to the delight of the audience when he changed his persona completely. 

This was another jolly jape from the Magna cast and much enjoyed by everyone. The added bonus was when Hollie gave a brief performance playing a full drum set, which she was brilliant at. 

Thank you very much for inviting me.