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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


10th August 2018


Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society


Windmill Theatre, Littlehampton

Type of Production



Carolyn Bennett

Musical Director

Harry Wells


Megan Gee


Author: Jose Harrison

Here was a classic example of an excellent show being spoilt by an over enthusiastic orchestra rendering it difficult and sometimes impossible to follow the dialogue or words of the songs. In my view the problem was caused by an imbalance of instruments making for very loud music.

Having said that, I would like to stress that this was an excellent production, very cleverly directed, with really watchable choreography. The four dancers Georgina Combes, Sophie McHale, Naomi Regnante and Georgia Rogers gave outstanding performances. It was such a pleasure to see some really interesting routines danced with such feeling and polish. The simple fixed stage set was very appropriate with clever roll-on flats enabling proficient changes of scenes with minimum interruption to the story line. The inconspicuous stage crew under the organisation of Jackie Kenyon worked incredibly hard and efficiently. The lighting design by Lee Wenham, well operated by Ashley Arnot, was very effective, enhancing the delightful costumes, all contributing to the making of a first class production.

What can I say about two such outstanding performers as Tim Kimber as Lawrence, who was the perfect foil for Tom Brennan as Freddy. It was difficult to take my eyes off them when they were both on stage. They were hilarious! There was nothing to disappoint me in their acting skills and their rendition of ‘Dirty Rotten Number’ and ‘All about Ruprecht’ when they were joined by Gina Bland were real show-stoppers. Gina has a good vocal range and was determined to be heard and her performance was memorable.

Luc Harvengt gave a good and convincing interpretation of the part of Andre with some well performed songs especially ‘LikeZis,Like Zat’ when he was joined by  Bev Seal. She showed her capabilities as a very worthwhile actress and a great solo singer. Jacqueline Anderson was equally convincing, holding her own well with the various demanding vocal numbers. The ensemble were very supportive and, as always, very necessary for any society.

This was a very demanding production with above average number of songs and only six acting roles which this society carried off successfully. My congratulations to them all and especially Carolyn for her excellent direction.