Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Date 9th November 2017
Society CAOS Musical Theatre Company
Venue Alun Armstrong Theatre, Stanley
Type of Production Musical
Director Lee Brannigan
Musical Director Gillian Anderson
Choreographer Lee Brannigan


Author: Michelle Coulson

Based on the 1988 film, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” tells the story of two competing con men, one experienced and suave and one a rookie in the business. They decide to work together with hilarious consequences but inevitably they both end up losing out.

The plot requires team work from the principals and it was certainly evident in this production. Martin Anderson portrayed the suave and sophisticated Laurence Jameson and was particularly good at portraying his German and Spanish alter egos, it was a substantial role to play and he hardly left the stage. His protégé con man Freddy Benson, played by Lee Brannigan, was a great partner to him and Lee’s scenes as the deranged brother “Ruprecht” and the wheelchair using navy officer had the audience laughing out loud. The two leads worked well together as they tried to trick unsuspecting ladies out of their money. Steven Berry as Andre Thibault, Lawrence’s body guard and accomplice gave a super performance and his number with “Muriel Eubanks” played by Katie Howes was endearing and worked very well. Katie gave an excellent portrayal of the wealthy victim of the schemers, as always giving a confident, assured performance. The main principal line up was completed by Melanie King as the innocent American heiress Christine Colgate who becomes biggest scoundrel of them all. Melanie extracted every nuance from her character and had great stage presence. All five worked well together to keep the story moving and to maintain the pace, their singing was strong and confident throughout.

The character role of Jolene Oakes was portrayed by Helen Davidson-Walton; Helen only had one number but made a huge impression with “Oklahoma”, a super charismatic performance. Other supporting roles were well portrayed and the ensemble singing and movement was very good.

Costumes were good, the scene changes were all very slick and enabled the flow of the show to be maintained and the lighting also complimented the action.

Congratulations to all involved, it was evident that a great deal of work had gone into the production, the music was well performed, the orchestra were good and the choreography was interesting to watch and well performed throughout. Well done to Lee for taking on the roles of director, choreographer and leading man, wow!