Dick Whittington

Date 26th January 2020
Society Sprowston Parish Players
Venue St Cuthbert's Church, Sprowston
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Carol Rowell
Choreographer Becky Harris-Cook


Author: Susan DuPont

This time ‘Dick Whittington’ written by Mark Chapman.

A slightly different slant on the story-line (no shop theft) but the rats were there in full force. Queen Rat by Toni Morino was very strong and a nasty piece of work surrounded by a gang of little ratlets, and her aim to get the treasure from the Sultan. On the other side Fairy Mary-le-Bow was also different in red tutu and white tights and lovely wings, Mark Chapman reversed the trend of female leads and waved his wand beautifully. And not to forget those kittens from Michala Jane School of Dance who helped in the proceedings.

To the main story of Councillor Fitzwarren (Dean Akrill) and his store, and the tale of woe about the rats and also the loss of his ships in a storm which meant no goodies to sell, and the storm engendered by Queen Rat to add to the misery. His wife Lady Pru Secco (Lynsey Boston) in cahoots with Queen Rat in this plot, strong singing voices from both of these plotters.

Luke Fairweather as Dame Dotty Dumpling looked the part in costume and makeup and played a good character role, and son Work-Shy Willy (Bryan Carpenter) did not help with any problems but just fell asleep.

Our hero Dick (Becky Harris-Cook) had a strong singing voice and nice personality and won the heart of Alice (Emma Smith) who looked delightful and sweet singing voice, a good couple. And of course the most important being on stage, Thompkins from Laura Cook, a black and white personality plus who routed the rats and won the day with treasure from the Sultan (John Brundall).

On the ship which took us over the ocean Captain Squidlips (Corinna Laughton), and crew Gail Blower (Mary Carpenter) and Stinky Sam (Beverley Rowles).

And we welcomed the assorted villagers and sailors and children who added to the cast and congratulate all those on stage with their vocal powers, some really good voices to hear.

And in another twist, Thompkins became Lord Mayor of London and all lived happily ever after.

The big audiences all enjoyed it which is the aim of pantomime, well done to the Director Carol Rowell.