Crazy for you

Date 29th October 2016
Society The Burton Musical Theatre Company
Venue De Ferrers Academy
Type of Production Musical
Director Steven Foster
Musical Director David Blackwell
Choreographer Danielle Harris


Author: Rachel Millar

All the classic greats of Gershwin were rolled out in one afternoon during my visit to Burton Musical Theatre’s production of Crazy for You. As the impressive orchestra of fourteen struck up I knew that I was in for a treat of the iconic composers favourite songs.

The set used every inch of the stage and the simple use of reversible trucks worked well. However these trucks created a very tight performance space, which was only really noticeable during the big dance numbers as the movement had to be quite contained. The use of the car was a lovely edition to the opening scenes and the clever use of the swing doors in and out of the bar was a great idea.

Costuming was appropriate for the place and period and the contrast between the New York Zangler Girls and the inhabitants of Deadrock worked well. Polly looked a little too clean and tidy for a place like Deadrock and I would’ve liked the cowboy element of costuming to be seen even through her more ‘girlie’ costumes.

Lighting and sound complemented the show and the accompaniment of the Orchestra was fantastic. To have so many players out in front of the stage could be a bit overpowering but this was certainly not the case.

Crazy for You is a star vehicle show for its lead character Bobby Child who was played by Lee Smith. The audience quickly warmed to this convincing performer and he sang and danced his way through the show with great ease and commitment. Lauren Brown as Polly Baker gave more of the sweet side of the character than the tough but gave a lovely emotional performance of ‘Someone to watch over me’. O.J Wright as Bella Zangler developed the character well and delivered the humour effortlessly. Karen Hambleton, as Irene, was suitably aggressive and Naughty Baby was certainly a triumph. I think the men of Deadrock were the highlight for me, they were confident, full of character and very funny to watch. The Zangler Girls brought a touch of class and energy to the stage and the full movement numbers (even when tight on space) worked well. I particularly enjoyed Slap that Bass with all the percussive elements added.

This was a fun a lively show that you couldn’t help but enjoy. The appreciative audience could be heard humming the tunes whist exiting the theatre. Well done to all involved in this production.