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18th February 2017


Hereford Amateur Pantomime Society


Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

Type of Production



Jon Stacey

Musical Director

Simon Allen


Brit Taylor-Jones


Author: Wendy Winterburn

This was the first time I had seen a rock pantomime but I was not disappointed.  The music had your toes definitely tapping to hits like The Power of Love, Rolling on the River, Johnny B Goode and I Am the One and Only, among others.  It was wonderful to see nearly a full house for the final performance.

Caitlin Archer playing the Fairy Godmother had a lovely rapping section at the start of the show.  All dance numbers were well choreographed and sung.

The Baroness played by Niki Boho was a wonderful wicked character who got lots of boos and hisses and I loved her outfits.

Special mentions should go to Tom Boho who played Mouse.  He made the part his own and had such wonderful stage presence.  Also to Steve Raven and Nicola Twigg who played Beryl and Cheryl.  They were a very good double act.  I did enjoy all the scenes they were in.

All parts were well taken and it was a very slick production.  I definitely enjoyed the fork left and right jokes.

Thank you for a wonderful evening.