Date 18th February 2022
Society Nunthorpe Players
Venue St Mary's Church Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Julie Hobson and Cath Turnbull
Written By Cath Turnbull and Liz Taylorson


Author: Jean Scarlett-Carr

Nunthorpe Player’s Panto Cinderella was a fun-filled evening of traditional Panto, from a bespoke script written by Liz Taylorson and Catherine Turnbull, and directed by Catherine and Julie Hobson, that packed everything into the evening performance. Opening in the Hardup Hall fixed set with nice set design and painting

Rhyming “Fairy Godmother” played by Tina Welsh with glasses and style-like to Dame Edna was a beautiful opening to set the story, and opening number from all cast was full of joy and energy with good choreography that was well-rehearsed, and lovely opening number.

“Buttons” played by Grace Spence had good character, and very expressive with nice audience interaction, and her first number duet with Cinderella played by Katie Legg on this performance were both lovely voices. Katie as Cinderella was a lovely performance, lovely singing, engaging with the audience and children really well. “Prince Charming” was played by Eve Smith on this performance who sang with great character and “Dandini” was performed by Vicky French who had a beautiful singing voice and gave great duets between them both

Comedy duo Ugly sisters French sounding  “Karen” (Andy Howard) and “Sharon” (Lee Rodgers) brought the laughter from the audience with the antics and colourful costumes and wigs adding the hilarity, working well together, and was nice to see this new partnership.

“Baroness Hardup” performed by Jenny McNeal was the baddie who gave an excellent performance, great character, full expressions, lovely singing voice for her song “Mama” and full interaction with the audience boos, well done. Her sacking of the servants gave lovely comedy interaction with youngest servant. The poor done by “Husband Baron Hardup” was regally played by Terry Bytheway, though softly spoken at times. The “King” was played well by Karena Coxon with nice character with his “Queen” played Jayne Passman, who fussed and mothered her children with style. Younger brother “Prince Percy” was the cheeky perky character trying to get his way into the adult world too soon who played by Oliver McNeal with lovely expression and plenty of energy.

The dress scene from pauper to princess was very cute with young dancers as the mice, and a beautiful ballet solo from Holly Turnbull also in the show.

The Magic song for the spell was a nice choice and worked well for the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella to allow her transformation to happen, with all music this year by recorded track and sadly no live band of musicians.

With a lovely set changed to marble walls of the palace during the interval the 2nd act opened in the Ball scene with bright elegant costumes, to then go on with topical jokes for current storm Eunice happening that week, and a song competition, ghost chase sequence, sweeties thrown to audience, shoe searching scene following the thrown on lost slipper,  and finally more well-rehearsed choreography for the finale number. A good mix of principals and cameos all working well and the chorus giving lovely singing and disciplined dancing.

A long but entertaining show - well done Nunthorpe Players.