Christmas Spectacular

Date 12th December 2021
Society Project Theatre
Venue Viable Creative Falkirk
Type of Production Concert/pantomome
Director Jamie O'Rourke
Musical Director Tracy Gilland
Choreographer Zoe Thomson, Rebecca Gardiner, Louise Brown


Author: Elizabeth Donald

This was a three part show with the Tots Class, The Juniors and the Dance and Youth Theatre strutting their Christmas cheer.

First up was the Juniors Section in ‘The Elf’, a story about new elves being given a tour of the Toy Factory, learning about what makes a good elf and about the Elf on The Shelf. Striking in their green and red costumes and displaying loads of energy, the trainee elves introduced themselves in poem and rhyme - lots of humour at their supposed ages - then showed lots of wonder at their tour with their enthusiastic routines. Then it was the turn of The Tots with ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. Their excitement was palpable as they executed their poems such as I Am a Little Reindeer, the Peppermint Stick and The Pine Tree before welcoming Mrs Claus and coming together to sing and dance their song at the end. Both groups sparkled and delighted the select audience of mums, dads and families.

Then the Dance and Youth Theatre cast performed ‘PT Pantoland’. This cleverly written story by the Director followed a panto pattern of a princess brought up in a village and falling in love with a prince but with evil Coronella trying to prevent them getting married as she would then lose her power. There were references in the by-going to other pantomimes - we had a Goose,  A Grand Vizier Viral an old Woman - and lots of humour engendered by topical references e.g. Fairy Green Liquid advising us to wash our hands and a neat characterisation of a Doctor Surgeon with her restrictions. The parts were well characterised with a tussle of wits between Fairy Green Liquid and Coronella whom the children loved to boo; with a lovely duet between calm sensible Sarah and her Prince: with graceful dancing and movement from the Goose and others: with a promising Dame Judy who has the makings of a great dame in a bigger role in the future; with a cheery-chappy Silly Billy with a fine singing voice; and a Courtier who made the most of her small role and highlighted her talent.

With only 5/6 weeks of rehearsals all fulfilled their roles and gave parents and guardians real reason to be proud. We all left with our spirits lifted. Well done all.


Good Fairy Liquid - Bobbie Jo Marston,

Coronella - Hayleigh Gillard

Silly Billy - Anna Stewart

Sarah - Isla McIntosh

Prince - Ella-Rose Liddell

Dame Judy - Cohen Gurung

Goose - Ailsa Canavan

King Calvin Cloon- Rachael Sneddon

Queen Kalvin Cloon - Becca Tait

Grand Vizier Viral - Erin Mackintosh

Odd Bob - Emma Menzies

Bob Dob - Holly Hutchison

Courtier - Macy Davidson

Old Woman - Valerie Wyzgowiski

Doctor Surgeon - Sophie Gilland