Calendar Girls

Date 22nd September 2012
Society Monifieth Amateur Dramatics
Venue MAD Theatre, Monifieth?
Type of Production Play
Director John Barton


Author: Roger D. Buist

The entire world knows the story of the phenomenon that is the Calendar Girls and, with the play just recently being released; this small company took the opportunity to stage it and, in doing so, played to very good audiences. Set in the village of Knapely, Yorkshire, it tells of a group of friends – all local Women’s Institute members – who hit upon the idea of printing a calendar featuring them discreetly posing nude while engaged in everyday activities, in order to raise money to buy a new settee for the local hospital waiting room. A serious theme runs through this play but, believe me, there are many hilarious moments when the “cheeky” sextet of women are on stage! When the actual photo shoot moment arrived, I declare that the ladies had as much fun on stage as the audience did offstage! As each “month” was photographed, the audience very much showed their appreciation! So, full marks to the brave sextet of ladies who peeled off – Chris (Fiona Barton), Annie (Sharon Bennet), Celia (Flora Lowrey), Cora ( Shelagh Phillips), Ruth (Libby Barton), and Jessie (Theresa Lynn). Also making her presence felt was WI Chair Ann Sutherland as the “demure” Marie. With lots of great one-liner jokes and a strong supporting cast, it was a night of fun as well as highlighting the scourge that is leukemia.