Bring It On

Date 30th August 2019
Society Fylde Coast Youth Theatre
Venue Lowther Pavillion, Lytham
Type of Production Musical
Director Debbie Parkinson
Musical Director Ian
Choreographer Danielle, Gemma & Shea


Author: Chris Higgins

Bring It On - 30th August 2019

Fylde Coast Youth TheatreWorx presented the modern smash hit musical Bring It On.  I was very excited for this show as it is one of my favourite modern musical pieces. Written by Tom Kitt and Lin-Manuel Miranda with lyrics by Amanda Green and Miranda.  The show centres around the competitive cheerleading life of Campbell, a 17 year old High School senior that is moved to a new school without a cheer squad.  She finds a new style of dance and a new “crew” 

Campbell was played by Abi Cooke, who did a great job with this central role and she delivered her lovely vocals with confidence and good projection.  Her character was soft  and gentle which fitted the role perfectly.  In stark contrast, Danielle, played by Maisie Brook was full of sass and attitude.  To say that Maisie had strong sung vocals is an understatement.  With a diva type quality to her vocals, Maisie really played her part very well - Well Done!  I’d like to mention a few of the other actors win this show, namely, Ella Spencer why played Eva, the evil mastermind behind Campbells school move so she could take over as cheer captain.  I really enjoyed Ella’s performance, which she clearly revelled in.  It was probably the most natural performance I have seen all year with character acting well beyond her years.  Her comedy timing was a masterclass in delivery, very impressed and when she sang her solo - Killer Instinct, she brought the house down.  I have to say I have seen other performers try this difficult song before but never heard it delivered with such maturity and skill.  Definitely the song of the show for me - awesome job! Reese Hudson played Bridget, the slightly ditzy and naive squad mascot.  Her performance was funny and touching in places and delivered confidently.  There was a very impressive performance by Luke Moore who played a sassy La Cienega the fabulous trans gender cheer leader from Jackson High School.  This was a difficult role for a young lad to play and I was glad that it was handled with care from the directing team and by Luke himself.  Jade Gardner played Nautica, this supportive role is important to help the flow of the story and this was handled well by Jade.  Amateur theatre is difficult and it’s always hard to find lads that are willing to sing and dance, but the team at FCYT have done a great job in finding some mid-teen performers for the male roles.  Sebastian Price who played Randall was secure and projected well through the show.  James Spacey who played Steven, Campbell’s boyfriend was played well and the delivery of lines was at a good volume and timing of line delivery was good.  Kyla played by Cat Pallant was full of energy and displayed a big character.  Gemma Appleton, playing the role of Twig had the tricky job of playing Hip Hop performer from Jackson High school, delivering her rap with great timing and the right amount of Hip and Hop!  The role of Skyla was split by Amy Swarbrick who delivered the sassy younger character with energy and confidence.  Her character was strong throughout the show with some lovely vocals.  Phoebe Hickling sang the solo song of Skyla and she delivered it with plenty of energy and oomph!  Jack Scholes completes the line up of named characters in this offering from FCYT and he played the role of Cameron.  Jack did a great job of keeping the energy up in every scene he was part of.  His entrances were on time and lines were well delivered to the back of the auditorium.  There was a lovely use of the younger performers in the group to help with some funky scene changes and I know this is a new direction for FCYT to include such young performers, but they did a great job and delivered a fantastic performance, all of them.  The choreography in this show is usually extremely difficult with full cheer routines and flying cheer leaders.  The choreography team did a great job of adapting the choreography to fit these young talented performers.

The Production Team of Debbie (Director), Danielle (Choreographer), Gemma (Junior Choreographer), Shea (Choreographer) and Ian (Musical Director) have worked hard to bring this big show to life with a young cast.  The set was simple, although sometimes a little bare.  This could have maybe be overcome with some more split scene lighting,  but saying that the lighting throughout was good and fit the scenes, every performer was well lit and the changes were effective.  The sound in general was good, but with it being a backing track show with some mic’d performers and some naturally projecting, the mix was always going to be very difficult to get 100% right.  There were a couple of unfortunate “Off stage mic moments” but they were quickly sorted and everyone on stage dealt well with this.  The scenes that did have the bigger scenery was handled well with a small stage team and the story seemed to keep flowing well.  There were a couple of awkward entrances and starts to scenes, but with this being a 1 night only performance, this can be forgiven and understood.  

In conclusion, Debbie and her team have done a great job with this tall order of a show.  I am always excited to see people trying to push the limits of amateur theatre and really glad that this young dynamic theatre company have  decided to give it a go with a big show.  I was impressed with the outcome, as were the supportive audience which nearly filled the auditorium.  I look forward to my next visit to FCYT.  Well done!