Barefoot in the Park

Date 17th June 2017
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Drama
Director Trevor Nicol


Author: Douglas J Clark

Neil Simon’s 1963 comedy, telling the tale of newlyweds Corrie and Paul setting up home in their New York bijou top floor apartment, had the audience smiling and laughing from the start as they recognised from experience the trials and tribulations the main characters were undergoing. Kadee Fraser as the young wife Corrie Bratter, trying her best to make the tiny flat into a perfect home for her new husband, portrayed the part perfectly running the full gamut of emotions from love to hysterical banshee to seething anger. Matthais Kremer as Paul Bratter, a young hard-working lawyer, who would do (almost) anything to please her – including catching a dreadful cold by walking barefoot in the park through the snow – was a superb match to her. Both actors brought the humour in the piece to life effortlessly. Nicholas Nicol gave a magnificent over-the-top performance as the flamboyant, but penniless, upstairs neighbour Victor Velasco. Anne Bamborough as Corrie’s widowed mother Mrs Banks also gave a very strong performance with some perfectly timed one-liners and knowing looks. Strong support was given by Richard Miemczyk as the world wearyTelephone Man and Allen Perrin as the out of breath Delivery Man. The set which was transformed from bare four walls to a comfortable apartment in the course of the three acts, was in keeping with the 1960’s period as were the costumes. A truly delightful evening’s entertainment delivered by a brilliant cast!