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Babes in the Wood


2nd February 2018


Keighley Musical Theatre Company


Victoria Hall, Keighley

Type of Production



Peter Whitley and Judith Chapman

Musical Director

Geoff Garrett


Judith Chapman


Author: Chris Ingram

This was one of the Rundle and Marsden Pantos, written for their own society and  now part of the NODA stable. A very traditional panto performed by an excellent cast and well directed by the production team. I particularly liked the use of up to date songs and music with modern and imaginative choreography especially with the younger ensemble and the Babes.

Comedy was in  the capable hands of Muddles (Philip Smith) and Dame Penelope Penwriter (Dean Harness) who are now well established as the Dame and son duo. Robin (Fiona Spencer) and Maid Marion (Leanne Watson) are experienced principals from modern musical theatre and they really made these two parts their own. A thoroughly nasty Sheriff (Mark Hutchinson) was of course well thwarted in his evil deeds despite his excellent characterisation and well intonated voice. The whole evening was enhanced by good support from the cast and ensemble with very merry men, ‘orrible ‘enchmen, fantastic fairy and vivacious villagers. Thank you Keighley for a great evening.