Babes in the Wood

Date 4th December 2015
Society The Florians Dramatic Society
Venue Florians Theatre, Inverness
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Fiona McDonald
Musical Director Anna Merrouni
Choreographer Fiona McDonald


Author: Douglas J Clark

With a script written by company stalwart Trevor Nicol, and lyrics by Caroline Nicol to well-known tunes, this was a perfect example of community theatre at its best. Nicholas Nicol as Nurse Nellie was a deliciously camp and flirtatious dame looking after her charges Jack played by Ben Hasson and Jill played by Alexandra Brown. Trevor Nicol as the money grabbing Sherriff of Nottingham was eminently boo and hissable as was Aileen Hendry as the evil Catafalque. Much laughter was engendered by the antics of Nicola Gray and Morag Barron as the Sherriff’s incompetent side-kicks Bill and Ben. Morag Russell as Maid Marion and Katie Watson as Robin Hood were well matched as the romantic leads. Strong support was given by Caroline Nicol (Rose, Maid Marion’s companion), Brian Howlett (a guitar and amplifier toting Alan-a-Dale), Alan Hasson (Will Scarlett), Andrew Gull (Little John), Carla Kelly (Friar Tuck) and Alan Holling (Herne the Hunter/Richard 1). Singing and movement from the principals and chorus were of the high standard expected of this talented company. Costumes, particularly those of the dame, were bright and colourful as was the set designed by Ian Thomson and constructed by members of the company. Well done all members of The Florians for another most enjoyable evening’s entertainment!