Annie Junior

Date 26th September 2018
Society Act 1 Youth
Venue Hawick Town Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Deborah Lyons
Musical Director Rosalyn Walker
Choreographer Rachel Inglis


Author: Stewart Cameron

The story of orphan Annie is well known and the transfer from an adult cast to a youth group enhanced the musical in my opinion. The set was simple making good use of the various areas on the stage and each scene change was slick There were a couple of technical sound issues which were soon sorted. This did not detract from a very professional and enjoyable performance.

I was particularly impressed by Louisa Goldie, who played Annie on the night I attended. Her performance was confident, tuneful and with excellent stage prescence. She ran the show when she was on stage. I was particularly impressed with how she dealt with a dog issue when Eddie didnt want to do as he had been told. At this point Annie is singing when she adopts the dog and she was not fazed by it at all. Well Done! Throughout the show Louisa was exactly right, confident, poignant, cheeky, loveable. Her supporting cast of orphans played by Erin Clarke (Molly), Carla Porter (Pepper), Danica Murphy (Duffy), Janey Rettie ( Kate), Caley Clarke (Tessie), and Jenny Alkhoury (July) were also excellent. Their chorus of "Hard Knock Life" and "Your Never Fully Dressed without a Smile" was tuneful and harmonious and they worked well as a team. Niamh Scott who played Miss Hannigan was super . Her portrayal of the lush, who couldnt give a toss for the kids was very good and suitably condescending. Her rendition of "Little Girls" and "Easy Street" was very good. I liked Mairi Johnston as Grace Farrell, Mt Warbuck's secretary. She has a lovely voice and her part was well sung. She also has good stage presence and she acted the efficient P.A./Secretary role very well. Oliver Warbucks played by Joseph Wear was super. He acted well and had a good rapport with both Annie and Grace. Rooster was Excellent. He was played by Faris Alkhoury and his characterisation of the sleazy, conman was very well played and I liked his part in "Easy Street". 

The remainder of the large cast were well rehearsed and it showed that they were all enjoying what they were doing. Youth Groups are the life blood of the adult societies and with the amount of talent I saw on stage there would not seem to be a problem when these performers grow up to join them.